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Subject Selection of Priority Negotiation party for Incheon Newport container terminal
Date 2010.04.15 Views 5119

Sun kwang consortium, as of April 15, 2010, has been selected as a Priority Negotiation party for the operation of Incheon Newport container terminal Phase I-1 which is underconstruction in Incheon port. Sun kwang consortium is consisted of Sun kwang Co., STX Panocean and Young jin Co., and Sun kwang would share 80% of investment and 10% each for STX Panocean and Young jin Co. Sun kwang consortium will sign a formal contract after conclude discusses for superstructure construction, Equipments, Automation facilities. The new container terminal which has 800m of quay length, 48Ha of total area and advanced Eco-friendly operational systems, will commence operation since year 2013, with 30 years of lease contract.