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Providing the best logistics service with our customers

"Company is the human being."
The philosophy of Sun Kwang is based on the respect for people that we recognize the motive power of development. Based on such philosophy, we are committed to making Sun Kwang into a loved, trustworthy and proud company.

 Customer and society
- the company that customers love
The company that improves
employment based on healthy growth
and fulfills its role as the responsible
member of the society by making
valuable contributions to the community.

- the company that employees are proud of
The company that provides the pleasant
and stable working environment.
The employees love the company and
colleagues, and they reach their maximum potentials.

- the company that shareholders trust
The company that maximizes market and future value by enhancing revenue and sales growth through accumulated know-hows and continued management innovation.
The company is committed to transparent, ethical and environment-friendly management.