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Subject Wan Hai Lines is back with Sun Kwang (Jul. 7, 2017)
Date 2017.07.07 Views 3157

[Jul. 6, In Celebration of M/V Wan Hai 203 Calling at SNCT] Wan Hai Lines, which left for PSA-ICT 8 years and a half ago due to vessel upsizing, calls at SNCT instead of PSA-ICT for KVS(Korea-Vietnam Service) and KSS(Korea-South East Asia Service). Even tough Wan Hai Lines had called at SICT(Former container terminal of Sun Kwang, located in South Port) until Jan. 2009, it had to leave to PSA-ICT because SICT’s water level could not meet Wan Hai’s with the vessel upsizing. -16M deep, 800M long and state-of-the-art SNCT will be enough to satisfy its customers.